Workshops for Funds

workshop registration, fundraising workshops, pass the featherPass The Feather has Fundraising Workshops!

All proceeds go to Pass The Feather | Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program.

The funds raised will go to providing art supplies, Elder visits, artist visits and activities and supplies for our Art Exchange & Pen Pal program.

"Developing friendships and nurturing informed opinions of Aboriginal culture."

workshops, fundraising workshops, pass the featherThe AACC is a First Nations powered non-profit initiative that relies heavily on visual art and storytelling to pass along traditional knowledge from our artists and Elders to community members.

Pass The Feather programming includes, but is not limited to, Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program, Feathers for Kids | Feather Recycling Program, and FNMI Artist Directory and Marketing program.

In order to pay for our programming, we offer fundraising workshops. In these workshops, adult students pay a fee to make their own moccasins, feather bundles, drums, rattles, etc. When fundraising, the AACC hires community artists to facilitate and in the end, the artist profits and the organization returns their profits to programming. These workshops can be held anywhere but more recently we have worked with the Ottawa School of Art, University of Ottawa, Ottawa Summer Solstice Festival and Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Our Feather Bundle workshops are presented to both students in classrooms and adults in settings of lodges or gatherings. All Feather Bundle workshops are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. We explore the value of talking circles within our systems of education – how they teach trust, respect and co-operation or in the case of adult workshops, we will practice and explore the healing and spiritual benefits of sharing circles. We also touch on sustainable hunting practice and ornithology.

Feather Bundle Workshops and Sharing | Talking Circle Gatherings

are available upon request. Fundraising workshops range in prices. Please contact us for more info.

The AACC would like to offer these workshops free of charge to any FNMI non-profit organization that assists community members, Elders, survivors of abuse, survivors of the residential school system, survivors of the apprehension of children by social services (coined 60’s Scoop), displaced individuals and individuals that need assistance with recovery from drug dependences.

pass the feather, classroom art & Knowledge Exchange, feather workshopsIf you participate or work with a group of individuals that is in need of workshops like ours, we’d like to hear from you.

Funding does exist for programs like this but we would need your help to access the funds.

View and download this print-friendly description of our Feather Bundle Workshops.



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We are working hard to save our Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program.

We would love for you to join us in one of our Fundraising Workshops!

Not only will you get insight into First Nations culture and art, make your own traditional craft but you will also be supporting an amazing cause!

To learn more about where your dollars will go, click here!


 pass the feather, classroom art & Knowledge Exchange, feather workshops


In November of 2016 we visited Featherston Drive Public School in Ottawa and were honoured to be worthy of a CBC interview.

Listen to our interview and see a collection of videos and photos from our Feather Bundle Workshops.