How to Submit Your Work

Your child is welcome to post their work in our Art Gallery! 

All children are welcome! 

You can fill out the form below and upload your photos. Pass The Feather will post them to the Art Gallery and maybe even on our social media pages!

'Pass The Feather' is a not-for-profit community effort dedicated to empowering our children through visual arts.



voicememosHow to record your voice:

You can use your phone or computer to record your voice. With iPhone, use "Voice Memos". Click here for instructions.

How to record video:

You can use your phone or computer to record your video. With iPhone use your camera function.

Email your file to or upload it here.

2. Email a file from your computer.

Email us at

Include your name, email address, photo and upload an audio or video recording or include a document containing literature.

Please specify under what topic/category you would like your submission placed. If you do not, we will choose for you.