Policies and Reporting

'Pass The Feather' is an open community. Policies and reporting are important for all of us to enjoy this space!

Safety is a collective responsibility. This page provides our community with resources and policies that we hope will help you to better enjoy this site.

Please review each policy below and email contact@passthefeather.org with any questions.

While the Director will make every attempt to protect the viewer from violations of our policies, we ask that you report offences by clicking on the 'REPORT' button.


*Many Aboriginal issues are politically charged. That said, 'Pass The Feather' seeks to acquire Not-for-Profit status.

'Pass The Feather' intends to seek funding to support it's goals of implementing public computers and recording devices in community centres and libraries.

Pending legal advice,'Pass The Feather' will refrain from making public certain political views.

Please note: in Canada, a charity’s political activities cannot be partisan (directly or indirectly support, or be in opposition to, any political party or candidate for public office).